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Uganda Short Term Mission Trip

I'll be traveling to Kampala, Uganda in June of this year to take part in the building and dedication of fresh water wells in the village of Matugga. It started with me meeting the pastor from Uganda in Seoul, Korea. He was preaching at a conference and I was leading worship. We became friends and he asked me to come to his church in Uganda and work with his praise team. I knew he was a powerful, anointed preacher but when I arrived in Uganda I got to see his genuine servants heart. Upon seeing all the other things he was involved in with regards to schools and community programs I knew right away our meeting was not by chance but ordained by God. Dr Godfrey took me to a school in a very poor village that he satrted and is paying for everything out of his own pocket. The school, Father's Heart Academy in Matugga came about because he noticed that kids were out of school during school hours and once he inquired he found out the majority were HIV positve! With all of that to deal with but they still claim to be Blessed and Highly favored! I told Dr Godfrey my calling is to the Japanese in Japan but whatever I can do and however I can be of help, I'm here! That has led to clean water. The school is supposed to have 500 kids in attendance if they all come to school. However, they are forced to take their water from two contaminated ponds located about a mile from the school. Over 40% of the children are absent everyday because of the water they are currently drinking. Two children drowned in this water source. God being God opened up the windows of heaven and showered down favor in the form of partnering organizations for this mission. I've come alongside Juglife and Hope4Kids International. Praise the Lord on High for them. We are Blessed to be a Blessing. Come along with me on this journey of love, hope and good will! Every little bit helps because little becomes much when you place it in the Master's hand!

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