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Ray Sidney has been singing in the church since he was five years old. His passion and life’s mission is to sing for the Lord and to share that Gospel Good News with others.


Ray is living his mission as a music misionary

For several years now, Ray has shared his gifts beyond the four walls of the church, performing in multiple professional gospel groups that have performed all over America in venues like BB Kings’ Blues Club and the House of Blues.


" The Lord was preparing me and called me for my mission in this life of Kingdom building. He told me I've blessed you now go out and be a blessing. If I couldn’t find someone to be a blessing to, create a situation where people can be blessed. Going to Japan was my way of going and finding someone. The gospel music workshops are my way of creating a situation for people to be blessed and equipping them to go out and bless others. My calling is to share the good news to Japan and the Japanese through Black Gospel music. "

- Ray Sidney on sharing his God-given talent to do the Lord's work.


In recent years, God has called Ray to take his music ministry to other countries. Ray has spread the Good News to South Korea, Philippines, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Uganda, and the UK.
Ray’s vocal gifts are obvious. It’s his heart for ministry and his unique ability to touch people of all colors, races and creeds that make him extra special.

Ray’s humble and faithful approach has taken him from the Los Angeles concert stage to the Philippine Orphanages. From the House of Blues in Hollywood, to the villages of Uganda. Ray’s devotion to God knows no boundaries. 

" I love the Lord and I love to sing. I don't sing for my love of singing, I sing for my Love of the Lord.

That is the reason why I sing! "

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