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Black Gospel Music is at the forefront of an evangelical movement in what has always been regarded as one of the very toughest missionary fields in all the world.


Interestingly, the movie Sister Act 2 is credited with starting all this almost 20 years ago in 1991. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Here to Praise Ministries is a small part of this movement, being a part of the Hallelujah Gospel Family (HGF), a network of choirs already established in Japan and sharing the Gospel.


HGF began in 2000 with one choir of about 30 members and no professing Christians. Now there are more than 70 choirs across Japan and many newly professing believers.

To grow this movement further, Here to Praise Ministries is coming alongside local churches, para-church organizations, etc. to encourage their evangelistic efforts to the Japanese. We want to share what's going on in Japan and bring more workers into this harvest field.

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