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Upcoming Gospel Brunch with Ray Sidney & Firm Soundation

Since the gospel brunch we are doing on this coming Sunday at Vitello's was a regular hangout spot for the "Rat Pack" I'm thinking about going with this vibe. What do you think? Here is a little info on the spot: Decades before Tujunga Village became one of the Valley’s trendiest retail stretches, Vitello’s Restaurant took shape in Studio City a few doors north of Woodbridge Street. Vitello’s became a hangout for the Rat Pack & Frank Sinatra’s autographed photo still occupies a place of honor in the restaurant’s Hall of Fame today. TV & Movie talent still continue to drop by for a plate of Pasta after taping shows at Studio City’s CBS Radford Studios lot, NBC & Universal Studios & sound stages. It is a Hollywood tradition!

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David Jakobs
David Jakobs
05 sept. 2021

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