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The Holy Ghost Party Don't Stop!

All righty Beloved! The Holy Ghost party is holy rolling right along here in Kokkola, Finland. Starting out at the Word of Faith Church Finland where the pastor is 21 years old Patrick Tiainen. My Lawd! This church and this pastor is on Fire! He's preaching, teaching and living the gospel which is changing lives and winning souls for Christ. No wonder this church is growing so fast! Friday night I shared a little at the youth night service and I'm hearing 11 year olds praying in tongues! Satan you in trouble! My host and Feast Family member Linda told me Saturday would be a long day. Well it was the marathon rehearsal day for the choir and band to prepare for the concert on Sunday. These people right here blessed me beyond measure. I know it was a totally different experience for some of the choir members but they all came ready to praise and participate. Not all members from the church so that really made happy in an effort to build new relationships. Yes, it was a long day. Started at 10am with the choir and went till 6pm. Then got with the band for the second time till 8pm. I was tired indeed but didn't notice it until afterwards. Too much fun and a whole lot of powerful singing. Let me say it again.......Satan you trouble. Well today is concert day. We will indeed sing till the power of the Lord comes down! There will indeed be praise in the house so let's proclaim it in advance......Chains be broken, lives be healed, eyes be opened, Christ is revealed! Not by power nor by might but by my Spirit saith the Lord! Solid Rocking over here in Finland. Can you hear us?

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