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Spring of Grace and Ami Choir

Today was going to be one of those workshops and then concert in the same day. I've done many before but this one included a brand new choir in a new city. If you know me you know I'm always genki when there is an opportunity to work with a new choir. Yes, bringing the good news gospel to some fresh faces and able to use some old jokes I don't use anymore! So I started out doing a workshop at Midorino Chapel in Ushiku with the Spring of Grace choir led by the one and only Junko Ito! Love her lots! There were also a few members from the Ami City choir. We made some holy noise in that church. So much so I saw lightning flashing and I heard thunder rolling! But since the wind and the waves obey His will we almost needed Jesus to come say, "peace be still" and this was just the warm up for what was going to happen later on when the choirs joined together in the concert. (I know I mixed up 2 different songs. Just flow with it) My Lawd! Ami town wasn't too far away so we loaded up the cars and rolled on down the way. You could feel the presence of the Lord and know His hand was all over this . You just knew there was going to be something special happening tonight. People were going to be released from strongholds, bondage and chains. Nobody was leaving like they came in Jesus mighty name! Yes, there was a fresh anointing all over the joint! Even the town's mayor was there enjoying himself. Glory to God! We sang praise, we had fun, we were blessed and then we enjoyed the Spoils! Shabu Shabu! Amen!

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