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Seoul For Real!

The first part of my September to remember Asia trip is in Seoul So Korea. I have long time partnering ministries and Kingdom Builders I can truly call my friends here in Seoul. To name a few, Dr Eiko Takamizawa and the students/staff at Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, Missionary Koo with JASTA (Japanes Students Abroad), and then there's this "little church" named Onnuri. Early in my calling there were things that made me question what I was doing but it was a meeting with the previous senior pastor Ha that helped me to understand and see the validity of God's calling on my life. He told me he was made aware about my ministry in Japan to the Japanese and said we should partner! He went on to say Onnuri has a lot of resources that he feels could help me.

Ok Beloved, I was just kidding about the "little church" named Onnuri. Onnuri is a very very huge, thriving, building, sharing, caring, impacting, changing and blessing ministry with a global reach. So, the senior pastor says, "let's partner!" At that point I said yes Lord, yes Lord yes, yes Lord and haven't turned back since.

Now, this is how my first day went on yesterday. You're looking at Breakfast (Tonkatsu) I had after worship team rehearsal with the band, Lunch (Kumja Tang) 2 hours later with Missionary Koo and Mr Kim and then Dinner (Galbi) after my concert at Manna Cafe. Stick a fork in me, I am done!

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