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Sano Rainbow Church

Where do I start? This was a new area and group for HGF. Also my first time in this city. Seems to be Countryside, away from the big city folks and dude, "city folks just don't get it." These folks ain't playing! They've got a purpose, focus, a cause and a plot and that is, "be about the Father's business!" Now I didn't know what to expect this day and how the flow would work. There was going to be a church service, workshop and benefit concert for the people in Kumamoto, Kyushu rolled into one.

It was awesome to be reunited with my sister, friend, director, master pianist and co-laborer Tomiko Minomo and to see her back in action although still recovering from a bad accident. Lord bless her servants' heart! She's still being a blessing, still encouraging and still grinding!

Where the event took place is the Sano Hope Church but housed within the church is an English learning school that's partnered with ministries and schools in the US. Lots of the students came and I was really surprised by all the internationals. There were many countries represented.

Oh what a time we had. Th people showed up, invited the Spirit in and God showed out! The praises indeed went up and the blessings came down. There was singing and there was dancing but also there was giving! Donating funds and support for Kumamoto that recently experienced devastating earthquakes! Indeed there is need and when the call went out the people responded. Love them!

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