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Rose Town Gospel Choir

This is so nice! Makes you want to just come on in, sit right down and take a load off your feet/life! Also you'll get some great tea and desserts. Indeed one of the most beautiful locations, scenery, backdrop or whatever else you want to say about it. Used to be a wedding chapel and now it's playing a big part in joining together souls with Christ that no man can put asunder. It functions as a Tea House as well and OMG, those teas and desserts would make dry bones want to live again! (Ok I'll stop)

Don't let the peaceful, tranquil, serene and laid back looking vibe fool you. It's some praise and worship going on in that house! We made some holy noise in there for all to hear and didn't want to stop. Just kept going til the voice said stop and not the time!

This time we were missing a few voices that come and sing on the train ride home after the workshop. Affectionately called the, "Ome Line Gospel Choir!" We're trying to get them registered in the HGF choir network but we have to find a director first.....LOL!

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