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Riga, Latvia

The Holy Ghost Party Train Rolls on! I'll be out on this trip until March 27th. The first stop is actually my first trip to the Baltics, Latvia and Estonia.

Landed in Riga, Latvia and I must say I love this place and the people! I didn't have time to sight see or anything like that but the things I did see made me want to see more and more and more! I got on the bus by myself and made it to the right stop! Drop my things off at the hotel, brushed my teeth, walked across the street to the hall and got right to work putting on the workshop and preparing for the mini concert. Hosted by Pastor Malcolm Firth of Mezciem International Baptist Church and his wife Ruth. Linda and her husband Markus were also involved in the planning and hosting of this trip. Always an additional blessing to have my MD and little bro Edward in the mix because he makes sure things are together with the music and sound but also connecting with the people. With regards to the workshop and mini concert, all I can say is Wow! I didn't know what to expect and I would be lying if I said I did. I didn't know but God knew. All He wanted me to do was show up and He showed out! Those folks can sang! Those folks can sang! In case you missed it, those folks can sang! Not only that, they listened, participated and received what I had to share. As just about all the time everyone was not a believer and I believe there were some extremely good seed planted for the the church to follow up and follow through with. I indeed shared this with Pastor Malcolm about the importance of the nurturing and he was well aware and it fit right with his vision and plans going forward! Not just a one time affair! Let's keep the Holy Ghost Praise Party going!

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