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Practice, Rehearse, Pray, then Let Go & Let God

That is indeed my mantra with regards to the gospel music ministry and my message to the members that participated in the "Gospel Weekend" at the Word of Faith Church Finland. I shared how God was going to bless our efforts but for Him to bless our efforts we had to make an effort. I would try to make everyone as confident as possible but being comfortable was not a necessary goal because most people would have to step out of their comfort zones in their efforts to sing this new style of gospel music. That was Saturday and then Sunday, the day of the concert came. I believe they heard me but more importantly God heard us and did what He said He would do. Made His presence known by showering down His anointing all over the place. There was praise and worship in that house! It started with pastor Patrick sharing the word and continued with the gospel concert. It wasn't a denominational, generational or culture thing but truly, truly it was a "when 2 or 3 are gathered, He was in the midst, fixing lives, changing hearts, breaking chains, shackles, restoring, releasing, removing, uplifting, encouraging, forgiving, relational kind of thing!" All that to say we had some church on Sunday but not a special occasion or once a year kind of church. The Holy Ghost party rolls on and on because it wasn't about me but all about Thee!

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