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Not by Might nor Power!

I hear you loud and clear Lord.....On yesterday I shared about the ministry at a private ESL school in Los Angeles to students from all over the map. Great opportunity for them to put English speaking and comprehending to work. Also, great opportunit for me to sow some seeds! Amen! Well, the usual most interested and some blank stares. I know because I make sure I look everyone at some point in their face to try and gain a since of how they are receiving the message. I always try to get reactions and have them asks questions. One young lady directly to my right was hard to read. She seemed interested but then not. Well towards the end I started singing songs. I mentioned probably these songs would be too old for them to know. When the track started she yelled out without hesitation "Lean on me." I smiled at her and she smiled back. Getting into the song I asked them to sing with me. She was participating with and seemed to enjoy herself. After the class one of the teachers came to me and said it took everything within her not to scream and cry aloud. That student was a special needs student that she had NEVER heard speak before as long as she had been there! This student has not connected with anyone in the school and most wondered why is she even in the school. She walks up and down the halfway sometimes in her own little world. All I can say is, "but God." This is the 3rd such situation in less than a month. Again, not about me.....Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord!

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