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My Apologies!

Sorry everyone! I didn't mean to mislead people! As you can imagine the picture in my facebook post is not from a restaurant here in Japan. It's from M&M's soul Food in LA. I'm sure you can find something like that here, I just don't know where just yet.

In my own, eloquent way might I add, I was trying to prove a point that regardless of how my body feels I may not be able to pick up a dumbbell but I can still pick up a fork. I might not be able to get down on a set of crunches but I seem always able to get down on some mac n cheese or I may not be able to find any room for lunges but I can always find room for dessert! I can keep going if you want! Someone asked me why do I exercise so much. Well, because I eat a lot but that's not the main reason.

My ministry/Calling requires traveling to some amazingly Wow times Wow places. When you add the people and that's what it's all about, it becomes Awesome times Awesome. God prepares you. He won't send you without being equipped or up for the task. I always liken it unto a soldier being prepared for battle with all the training, conditioning and discipline required because as you can imagine with all the travel it can take a toll on your mind, body and soul! Maybe that's why I am such a big fan of the TV series, "The Last Ship" how important it is to stay true and focused to the mission or task at hand. I experience many cultures, climates, time zones, customs, rituals and so on. Love them all!

So, again very sorry for the confusion! If there is a place here in Japan that offers these items on the menu and tastes as good as they look please let me know so I can inform the world!

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