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MSC Mihara Spiritual Choir, Hakodate

The workshop took place in Hakodate with the, "MSC" Mihara Spiritual Chior. I'm sorry but the only way I can describe my time with this group right here, I have to "tune up" cause they make you wanna go there! Come on brother or sister organist, please gimme my key. (Come on Ronnie-san, help brother out!)

Wellllllll Lawd, you and only you know how I was feeling, before going into that church, working with that group, YEAH! I had high expectations, cause they've always showed up and showed out with an attitude of praise and worship, YEAH! They've got big smiles, they've got a kind heart. But most of all, not least of all, they've got joy, I said joy, joy, joy, joy unspeakable! YEAH!

So we sang about your prophet Elijah, how he declared your holy word...... Am I right about it....can anybody shout about it! As the praises went up, your blessings came down, Yeah. (modulate) We sang, we danced, and we proclaimed your Holy Name! That name above all, that name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess.

But too many folks in this world in denial and won't call on you! I'm not saying they're in the Jordan nor in the Red Sea, or even in the Galilee. But I'm talking bout they're in Denial! Yeah! Cause there's no God like Jehovah! There's no God like Jehovah!.... not nowhere, not no how.....(descending chord) say yeah, say yeah, say yeah, say yeah, say yeahhhhhhhhhh! My Lawd. The doors of the church are now open!

Oh sorry, not at church! These are some of the sangin-est folk I know! They Blessed me indeed! Didn't want to stop but I got hungry! I had my bread from Heaven and now I needed some beef from Kobe! Love them!MSC Mihara Spiritual Choir, Hakodate

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