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More Precious Than Gold! (Originally published May 8, 2018)

Beloved, I left Barcelona on yesterday and arrived in Chicago and have to wait til this morning to leave for LA. Yes I spent the night in the airport. Not as bad as it may seem. They kicked me out of the first class lounge at 1am and I came back in at 3:30am.

Let's add this up: Long day of traveling, not over yet, slept on a couch, neck hurts, feet swollen, need to shave and bad breath! My Lawd! Why hast thou forsaken me or at least supplied a tooth brush?

Well, I came in the lounge not smiling with a slight grumpiness, grab a banana and some coffee, sat down to relax and pray in a comfy lounge chair and heard a message alert ring from my phone. I was going to ignore it, finish what I was going to do and try to go back to sleep. But I checked it.

It was an email message with the sub text, "Hola Ray desde El Rusc." I thought, oh, a message from one of my new family members at "El Rusc" where I did the little concert and shared about my ministry this past Thursday in Spain. El Rusc is a care facility that provides care for those that require special needs.

So, I started smiling just seeing who it was from but that smile changed to a very big smile and crazy laughter when I read the message but I scrolled down and saw the picture that was drawn and then came the flood of tears! Do you see that picture? There's love all over that and I feel it! Humbled to the "Nth Degree! Again, they were the stars. That's why i had them all give me their autographs on a shirt from the facility with their pictures.

I say it over and over again that this is the reason why I sing. I'm blessed to be a blessing and even with all that said, it's not about me but who that good news gospel proclaims! I love them so much! This is the message:

Hola Ray

Soy José Mª del Rusc

Me ha gustado mucho tu música, me lo pasé muy bien el otro dia. Conoces a John Travolta? a mi me gustan mucho sus películas sobre todo la de Grease.

Eres buena persona. Tienes las puertas abiertas para cuando quieras volver al Rusc.

He dibujado una caricatura tuya para tenerlo en el plafón de las notícias del Rusc.Te gusta como has quedado? Te pareces mucho!

Hasta luego Ray, un abrazo!

José Mª Prats

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