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Modus Operandi!

Tuesday morning in Kokkola I woke up with probably only 15% of my voice. It was still tired from the long gospel extravaganza weekend. Linda had scheduled us visiting 2 schools which is something I always look forward to. God opening doors for me to go share the gospel to the young hearts and minds is something I will never take for granted or treat with anything less than all I have to give. Yet and still I didn't know how this day would turn out with only having a little voice. I wasn't worried cause I've learned little becomes much when you place it in Gods' hands and whatever God wants people to hear will come out. Everything else is just me trying to be funny so you can take it or leave it. Well, the first was a Christian High school and I was leading devotion but only supposed to be up for 10 minutes. The kids walked in, I looked at them, they looked at me, then we all looked towards Heaven and the Holy Ghost Party was "on and crackin!" 10 minutes turned into 25 minutes and afterwards that turned into a booking for 3 concerts next year for their big gospel event! We left there on a serious high and the next stop was another Christian school with elementary and middle school classes. We would be there longer at this school because I was leading devotion for the whole school and then I would do a workshop for 3 individual classes and end the night leading prayer meeting for parents and staff. The kids blessed me more than words could ever say. Different nationalities, different religions, it didn't matter. They were singing, dancing all to the glory of the one true God and when you have kids praying for you, I believe everything is going to be all right! I don't have any pictures from the first school but here are some from the second. Wow times Wow and Awesome times Awesome!

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