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Merrily we holy roll along!

Still holy rolling along here in the UK with a focus on the postal code of the "SO16." I'm sure you all know those are the digits for port city of Southampton. There's been a coming together of ministries and churches in a joint and continued effort to take the gospel to the streets! Nothing I've started, just coming alongside with a little different approach that coincides with the vision of Kingdom Building. What really has me all giddy and stuff is the inclusion of local area schools! Some Christian but mostly public schools that I have been going teach gospel music in classes and assemblies and also inviting them to sing in the mass choir concert next month. From the kids to the teachers and parents the excitement in the schools has been off the charts! They even get some of my jokes! Ok not some, it's been maybe one but that's not important! Stay focused, Beloved! Sorry can't really show pictures but have to get approval first. This is indeed an amazing opportunity to plants seeds in those young hearts and minds but I also see a mechanism in place for follow up and follow through on those seeds! Now this past Monday was the first mass choir rehearsal at MCC. Wow times Wow! Almost 80, everyone wasn't there but those folks can sing! There's going to be some chains broken, lives healed and eyes opened. Why? Cause there's going to be some praise in the house to the Almighty God and I know He will do what He said he will do!

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