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Kokkola is no Joke-a la!

On the 4 hour train ride from Kokkola to Helsinki. I never get used to saying good bye but I came here with my hands lifted up and I'm leaving with them even higher. My Lawd! Pastor Patrick and the members of Word of Faith Church Finland----they ain't playing, just a whole lot of praying! What I really love is they aren't afraid to step out of the boat and trust God for a firm foundation. Go head Peter and Patricia! God is indeed showing up and showing out, even on the days considered as "off or relax days." Linda asked me, "what do I want to do?" I asked Linda "what does she want to do?" So we let God decide. Those days turned into major partnerships, bigger vision, enlarged territories, favor and a host of other things! I've probably slept for a couple of hours each night because of excitement of how God is doing exactly what He said He would do. You say yes, stand the tests, He'll do the rest and give His best! Wow times Wow! Now off to Helsinki. Rehearsal tonight with the choir and then same thing including the band tomorrow. Sunday Service, concert on Sunday, schools on Monday and work with "His Master's Noice" choir on Tuesday.........Like I always say....Ain't no party like a Holy Ghost party cause the Holy Ghost paery don't stop! Say Whaaaaaaat!

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