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Immanuel Urawa Christ Church

After the time I had the night before I was ready for a very calm and not too big or exciting workshop. Well, I picked the wrong one for calm and the right one for holy grind time cause it was just like a continuation from the night before! It was indeed one of the best times I've had there and a day to remember as some of the people at the workshop stated. The excitement level started high and went higher and higher and higher and higher. My Lawd! This workshop group came to sing, have fun and dance! Yes the kids were singing as well. What better way to get that gospel seed planted down within their hearts and souls! This was truly an example of "Saints" in praise even though there may have been a few "Aint's" in the group. (Aint's-humorous way to say non believer-don't trip) We had a grand and glorious time! I could see everyone leaving with a big smile on their faces and still singing....There's no God like Jehovah!

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