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I had a Dream for the SO16

As I've said before, if you don't see it before you see it, when it manifests you won't recognize it! I indeed dreamed about how God is opening up the windows of Heaven and showering down the blessings in that Southampton community. The harvest is extremely ripe and the co-laborers/ministry/churches/schools are getting out and taking the good news gospel to the streets. I can truly see God blessing the efforts of His people because they are making an effort for Him to bless! The song says, "We can touch the world if we meet them at their needs." If you're going to meet the needs of the people you have to get out and meet the people to find out what their needs are! Not assume or dictate from a distance. The ministries in the SO16 are joining together to make a joint effort in reaching the people but not with just one time events. I let all the ministries and groups that I work with know that I keep them in my prayers. I come into town making all that noise and talking madness and then I'm gone. They are left to make since of all that! LOL! I am very secure and confident in knowing the seeds that were planted will continue to be nurtured. Kingdom Building. Love it! I was truly truly touched and humbled by being able to go teach in so many schools. Only a couple were Christian schools but the gospel message stayed the same. I met so many precious souls and in most cases didn't want to stop teaching and singing with them. Some of the students even came to the big concert with their families. Look at God! I would teach some of the classes songs and then we had a mini concert for the school. At The King's School right before the concert 2 of the students gave me crosses they had made in class! Almost couldn't hold the tears back. I truly felt the love and received some fruits for my labor. Thank you Lord!

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