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Hiroshima Grace 4 You Choir

Alrighty! After Niihama I jumped back on the SHINKANSEN to Hiroshima! I knew it was going to be a special time there because it always is! As soon as I got there it was time for a massage! Thank you Nobue-Sensei for the blessing! I'm cool with that! I need it after all the trains, planes and Japanese Jeepneys I've been traveling on.

Now, what do you do after a massage in Hiroshima? Of course it's time for Okonomiyaki! One of the special moments happened at the restaurant which is one of the most famous in town by one of the most famous chefs. Number one they stayed open past closing time for me and the crew and the wife (I'm assuming) made her special cookies just for me. No cookies are not on the menu but I got blessed with yummy Okonomiyaki, Oysters and washed it all down with homemade cookies! My Lawd! I feel the love.

The next morning they had a fellowship lunch at church and I shared a message during service which segwayed right into the workshop! It was a very powerful time indeed but more so than that, the message was received and the group went away singing and knowing there's "No God like Jehovah!" Love them!

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