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Gym Dandy!

0K Beloved, lunch for today was going to be a bowl of cereal but after the encounter I just had at the gym I needed to sit down and fellowship with some chicken and waffles! Now Jonathan's doesn't have that on the menu but this was the next best thing!

Now to my encounter. I almost didn't go to the gym to give my body a rest but God had other plans. As you know it started out with the older guy saying how he loved Mahalia Jackson's song the "Upper Room" and wanted to know if that was Heaven! From there I started (somewhat) communicating with people and gave out all my Chirashis! I was very excited and even a few of the ladies that have been to the hgf concerts came in and were able to further explain to those who I couldn't.

I'm feeling good and at the end of my workout another woman asks where am I from and why I'm in Japan. I explained as best I could and even showed her some of the TV program, "Why did you come to Japan." One of the ladies who's been to the concerts explained a little as well but I didn't have another Chirashi to give her. Bummer cause she asked, where can I can see your concert but this is what got me! As I'm leaving she says, you're always smiling. I said I'm very genki to be here. I love Japan and the Japanese. She says, "I envy you." In the middle of my usual rambling she brought me back to the reason why I sing! She says, I wish I could smile. I cannot. I am not happy! My Lawd! I said some things and I don't know if she understood everything but I trust God in that situation for understanding. One thing for sure I know is your witness is not always what you're saying and this Joy that I have the world didn't give it to me so the world can't take it away!

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