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Green Leaf Gospel Choir

After a couple of days of rest it was time for a workshop in Sagamihara with one of my favorite choirs, Green Leaf Gospel Choir led by my very dedicated, humble and "keep so busy" sister Mayo. God bless her servants heart!

I was already excited and ready to go when I walked through the door but these ladies and Sensei took it to another level. I always ask the groups before starting and everyone must give a response, did you come here to sing, did you come here to have fun and did you come here to dance. 2 out of the 3 ain't bad because most of the time they dance better than me so it's all good.

The room was filled with a whole lot of praise, big smiles and in this group there were regular Green Leaf gospel choir members and guests. There were even a few first timers and a couple from my Long Beach Cornerstone choir and a sister of one of the members as well. These folk sang! Y'all missed it! Oh yes we had an Awesome times Awesome kind of time from the singing, the dancing and to the "MGE" afterwards. That's the fellowship time I refer to as, Meet, Greet and Eat! Believe me when I say we did! My Lawd! Love them!

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