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Got my Holy Ghost "Swag" so no time for jet lag!

I've only been here in Seoul for a few days but this Kingdom Building stuff is on another level. My Lawd! From making new friendships/partnerships with the students/professors here at Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology to reconnecting with pastors and leaders here at the many Onnuri churches and outreaches. This is indeed a 24/7 global ministry on the move! And that 5am prayer, my Lawd! If you're starting off the day, giving thanks, acknowloging, proclaiming, magnifying and praying for someone other than yourself, I've got a feeling, everything's gonna be alright!

So my schedule so far has included ministering in song at the Onnuri churches "CEO Leadership School" on Tuesday. Many CEO's from large companies are members of the church here. Last night, (Wednesday) I ministered in song and shared about my calling and ministry at the Onnuri church in Incheon. Oh what a time to be in the presence of the Lord. Prayer, Praise and the Word. A formula for joy, victory, breakthrough, salvation and a whole lot more. The pastor and I even spoke breifly about starting a black gospel style worship choir in the future. I will be back and not just because we had some fantasic pizza before service!

Along with the scheduled things there a host of impromptu sessions of sharing, singing and/or just encouraging to whomever will listen. Thank you Lord for the opportunities to share and give back what you gave me!

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