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Feeling Devine on Cloud Nine!

Beloved, I am feeling so good right now! My new family and friends at "El Rusc" blessed me beyond measure! It's a special needs care facility and I was invited to come share some songs and talk a little about my ministry. I was indeed honored to be there and as always wanted to see how God would bless these sweet spirits that are sometimes in society considered the least of these. Wow times Wow and O. M. to the Almighty G! I didn't know what to expect but I felt the love and excitement as soon as I arrived. I was greeted with big smiles, hand shakes, big hugs and even a few kisses on the cheeks!

I was also told that hadn't had anything similar presented to them before in this manner. Well, with my prayer always being no one leaves like they came and not going away singing my praise but singing His praise. We had such a wonderful and powerful time! They listened, they asked questions, we sang, danced and made me feel like I was indeed family. Some of them even sang a few traditional songs for me! It was so hard not to be in tears but now that I'm going through these pictures, I'm balling like a big baby! They blessed me with a shirt from the facility and of course I had to have all these Super Stars give me their autograph! What a way to spend a day! I am so grateful and thankful for having had this opportunity.

Again again, the reason why I sing! Thank you so much Noemi and Pere and all the staff/volunteers for being a blessing to so many! Love you all big time!

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