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Feast of Tabernacles 2015

Ok so I didn't do a good job of reporting being in Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles. I'm sorry! Charge it to my head and not my heart! As usual it was a crazy busy time for me to try and learn all the material. Fortunately it wasn't as much as times past but still a chore for me to dig in and vibe with the Hebrew songs! I didn't report much but I piggy backed off of everyone else. I didn't take very many photos just pictures of food and the Jackals that were following me each morning I was out prayer walking.

With regards to my time there almost too hard to put into words but that kind of makes the blog obsolete cause you can't read facial expressions. Well, to sum it up in one word it was "SupercalifragilisticexpialiLawdHamMercy!" Everything to another level! But I have so many stories to share as well. We'll start with the funny ones!

Israeli night we were treated to some of the best choral singing I've ever heard from the "Choir of Moscow." All in attendance and even those who watched on the live stream will agree this group was awesome times awesome times how the heck did they do that! They walked on stage and just started singing without pitch pipe or anything like that. Every note was clear and concise and the harmonies and dynamics gave me chills! They were extremely focused as you would expect them to be. Game face was on through sound check and everything else. They came to handle some business! I didn't see anyone smiling. Ok but there was an issue as I'm sure you know why I'm writing this....

One of the guys in the choir lost or forgot his tux! They tried to find Mary in charge of the Feast wardrobe but she couldn't be found. So they found me! One of the stage crew members came running to me and asked if the choir member could wear my dark suit! Whaaaaaat? So I ran back to the dressing room to find out what was up and yes dude needed a suit. Of course I said yes but I'm 6'3" and dude was about 5'8"! He was a trooper and he took one for the team. You all know in these type situations family and friends love and support you. The choir members understood what he was going through (i'm almost in tears) so when he walked out of the dressing room to meet up with the other choir members, immediately all of that game face and focus left! They all cracked up at him, especially the ladies!

So if you have pictures of the choir on the night he is standing to the left of the tallest guy on the back row! This is their promotional pics so you won't see what I'm talking about. I was honored to be a part of the choir!


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