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Beloved, I truly thought I was getting "Punk'd"

I don't think everyone will believe me and unfortunately I don't have any pictures but I am being very truthful to you all!

Here in Spain the hotel I'm staying in doesn't have a fitness center but they've made an arrangement with a local center. So yesterday even though I had a little workout at 6am I went to the facility for workout #2 around 10am. I needed it because I've been eating too much! One of the hotel staff members walked over with me to the center, showed me around and then it was on!

The place is cool with everything to get in a decent workout. I'm not training for the Olympics, just trying to get and stay in some kind of shape. There are 2 floors of equipment so I started out on the first floor to warm up before going on the 2nd with the free weights. There's one older lady working out as well. Very friendly and helpful so I'm locking into my half sleep but grind mode as shown in the picture on the cover.

Well, after taking the picture I noticed 8-10 young ladies coming in wearing similar sweats suits. Some kind of sports or athletic team and the name of the country on the back was, Slovakia. From the quick glance I could see they were all athletic and very fit in those sweat suits but they were not there to play. They all went right to work on the equipment like professionals. Direct, no smiles, just take care of business. Ok cute, fit young ladies working out. No problem. They started breaking out of the sweats, no problem.

After a while they all went to the 2nd floor where the free weights and more advanced training things were. Again cool, no issues. Soon after I went up as well to finish my workout. They were all on the far end of the gym and I could see they were serious athletes indeed. They knew what they were doing. So I started my bench pressing and maybe I put more weight than normal. I wasn't trying to impress anyone, it just happened. so of course I was struggling to do even 3 reps because of too much weight. Well finally struggled to get the bar back up cause I didn't want to get stuck and have to cry for help. I didn't even know if they spoke English. I glanced in the mirror at what was going on at the other side of the room and I could see most of the ladies had come out of their workout tights and now were wearing bikinis. They were taking photos and selfies of themselves working out.

At that point it hit me that I must be getting Punk'd! Everyone all over the world will be watching my reactions to this perceived skulduggery! I knew I didn't have to go home but i had to get up outta there! I laughed, I put the weights back and ran out as fast as I could! The receptionist told me there was some kind of fitness/swimsuit contest going on somewhere in town so they were legit.

My Lawd!

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