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Barcelona (Day 3) Sunday service and TGV Concert

I should probably be tired this Sunday morning after the long day I had on yesterday. Yes I should be tired after a workshop from 9:30am until 5pm and then the concert from 6pm to 8pm. Many songs, much running of, not the Bulls but my mouth! But, I'm not! I'm even more energized because this morning I will be sharing the good news gospel at a Spainish church.

Now Marina, Ruben and I before arriving at the church we stopped by the American Embassy......Sorry, I mean Starbucks! Now I'm good and ready to praise the Might Name of the Lord!

I could really feel the presence of the Lord when we walked into the church. All the members were very warm and inviting and made us all feel welcome. I can't lie, I was ready but a little nervous. I was going to be singing and sharing in English and Japanese at a Spainish church! Wrap your brain around that one! I was invited by my new friend in the ministry, who is a member of the church, Yukiko Shimoyama who is from Yokohama, Japan and has been living in Barcelona for over 20 years. She had two Japanese guest with her in which one was a believer and the other one was not. This was actually his first time ever in a church! I thought is appropriate to sing a song for him in Japanese, "Kimi Wa Aisareru Tame Umareta" and Yukiko-san explained the meaning to everyone. Afterwards the very cool and funny Pastor of the church, Roberto Velert presented Marina for being an awesome translator and myself with a commemorative Bible both in English and Spanish! Such a blessings! I also look forward to a new partnership established to partner in gospel outreach between the Church and Sing & Travel, Marina's company with her Husband.

Now the day wasn't over so we had to get to another city because Marina was a member of a gospel choir, "TGV" and they were having a concert tonight! Just my luck! But, before going there as everyone knows after church it's time to eat! All i can say is that ham sandwich was more than Wonderful! The pigs are vegetarian and only eat acorns! Just roll with that....

When we arrived at the theatre and I saw "Cherry Blossom Trees "I knew everything was going to be alright! These young folks didn't just sing, they sang til the power of the Lord came down! My Lawd! I thought I was at home at West Angeles Church or Faithful Central! Almost got up to cut a step but I didn't want to frighten anyone! I was Blessed indeed! Can't wait to go back!

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