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Barcelona (Day 2) Workshop and Concert

Doing some last minute prep work for the workshop and concert and after eating all those Tapas it's understandable I wouldn't be getting too much sleep. Too excited! I really, really love to share the good news gospel because I really, really love the Lord and also because most times my audience is filled with non believers. It is very rewarding to see the manifestation of that hope, peace, love, joy and so much more that it breeds. Not about me! I can't even figure out how to wash my hair but I digress.....

I was going to start the day off by going prayer walking. The hotel is right next to the water! I couldn't wait but uncharacteristically a storm was blowing through in the morning with winds so strong I saw all the pool furniture fly into the pool and then I saw a big trash bend being blown down the street. I had 2 choices-go out and sing "Peace be still" or just wait it out. I was going out until I saw that trash bend and decided to wait.

I arrived at the Theatre and the excitement in the air was thick! The makeup of the group was young adult, middle aged and whatever I write as my age on the form is what I am today. Mostly ladies and and a couple of guys. I also heard a few different languages being spoken. I heard English and Spanish but also a little French from the ladies who came from Belgium! I saw at least one Filipina and right before starting Yukiko-san who conducts a bible study for Japanese walked in so Japan was in the house! I was going to be leading worship at her church on Sunday morning.

I knew this was going to be a special time together because God made it possible and once we got into the actual singing I could feel His presence all over the place. They listened, learned, participated, didn't give up on the challenging parts and we laughed (a lot), danced and had wonderful fellowship time together. I don't know for sure but they seemed like a very close family because people were helping and supporting each other on the parts, pronunciations and amongst other things, everyone was trying to figure out how I was my hair! LOL!

Now the workshop went from 9:30am until 5pm so when it was time for the concert I figured people would be tired and want us to hurry and get this over with because there was a huge Carnival Festival Parade going on right by the Theatre where we were. People were indeed in the festive mood! Before the concert started we spontaneously sang in front of the Theatre to give people coming for the parade a taste of the gospel. It was so much fun and from hearing the choir singing people indeed came for the concert! My Lawd! Once the concert started it was a mighty praise and shout of the good news gospel. We ended up singing way more songs than we practiced cause no one wanted to stop. People were shouting out names of songs from the audience we would sing them! It was that kind of Holy Ghost party!

Of course we checked in on the Carnival Festival Parade that was going to be happening for most of the night. They really know how to party in Spain! To end the night of course we must eat and eating indeed is what we did! Wow that chicken was so good and don't even get me started on the bread! Most were drinking the famous Sangrias so I tried a little. It wasn't Campbell's soup but it was Mmm Mmm Good!

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