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Asaka Gospel

The second night for the gospel workshops was a new choir and area for hgf led by missionary David Kindervater. I always love working with new groups (not just cause I can use my old jokes) but it creates an opportunity to establish new relationships and allows the opportunity to share and make clear the reason why we sing. Such an awesome night. Everyone received and participated even though it was a little out a few of the member's comfort zones. I always tell the members, I'm not looking for you to master or be perfect at this new challenge but was important is to relax and try. Zero stress as Ken always says! God will bless your efforts if you make one!

The workshop took place in a sound stage so the group was hyped and the music was bumping but more importantly the Holy Ghost made us all feel something! Yes Beloved, it was the real, deal, Holy field! Love them!

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