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Almost Beyond Belief!

What a time I had in Korea. God is doing some awesome things for my ministry and partners by taking efforts and opportunities to another level! That includes established and newly formed partnerships. Praise God, still growing! All I can say is, Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Lord Yes!

As a result of saying yes to those levels of efforts and opportunities, more doors are opening up in other places especially in Japan with the Japanese which is my primary calling anyway! My calling scriptures, Genesis 12:1-3 you'll find it makes the bold statement, "I will make your name great." What this has mean't to me is God saying, "I will bring recognition and respect to what I have called you to do. Doors will be opened in places only I can open so you can go share and declare about me!" I'm truly amazed at some of the places I've been able to go share the good news gospel in and it's not slowing down or drying up! Yes, the concerts in Starbucks are one of my favorites! Unlimited praise and unlimited coffee! Have one tonight there. Powerful indeed!

Pictures tell a thousand words as you can see in some of the pictures below from the mini gospel concert at the nursing home in Koriyama on yesterday. Too much fun but also an emotional time as well from the response and love shown by the residents and staff. Keep in mind these are not one and done type events! All are about establishing and building relationships. Along with all the other groups in HGF Toyomi-Sensei and the Koriyama Grace Garden Chapel members do a great job of of that! Seeds planted but there has to be follow up and follow through! It is but keeppraying and keep supporting. There is need all over the world, not just here in Japan. There's been a lot of tragedy here and many other places but the most tragic thing is dying without ever coming to know Jesus as your Savior. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Pray for the ones out on the battlefield!

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