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2015 Kingdom Building journey kicks off in Finland!

4am in Kokkola. I actually slept for a few hours at least but as you can imagine I'm just too excited. Kokkola is a beautiful city, my "Feast" family host member Linda and her family are just the ultimate hosts! As soon as you walk through the door as the song says, "Jesus, Jesus, just Jesus!" But if you're visiting here you shouldn't eat before coming for at least a week. Lawd ham merci! Her mom cooks and cooks and cooks the main course with all the trimmings and then there's all these unique desserts! Yes I need to be out prayer walking right now but I have to wait until daylight. I will get lost in this winter wonderland! I am so honored, humbled and charged up-ready to do what God has called and commissioned for me to do. I'm here to come alongside the move of God happening here and share abou the good news through the gifts He gave me with regards to the gospel music ministry. One important fact to acknowledge is that music is a part but not the whole. You'll hear me say this again and again that it's not about me. Within my calling scripture (genesis 12:1-3) it says "I will make your name great." God has created recognition to come to my name which allows me to get through not the usual and familiar doors to proclaim about His Powerful, Loving, Healing, Forgiving, Wonderful and Mighty Name to name a few things. Glory, Glory! It's all about encouraging, empowering and equipping any and all that will come join in. A very effective friend raising tool for churches in their communities and the majority of the participants have been non believers so indeed creates a way to establish relationships that open the door for salvation. Thank you Lord! So the Holy Ghost party rolls on today with band rehearsal! It's hard to calm down and relax! It's either the excitement or the chocolate and/or both! Thank you ministry partners for yur prayers and support! Join in and stand with me if you are so led to at- Antioch Missions Ministry

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