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Poznan and Beyond!

Wow Beloved! I’m not in Poland anymore but from the encounter I had there these last couple of days with the group, “Gospel Joy” I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I’ve been giving a new charge, a fresh outlook and anointing to get out and proclaim that mighty name of Jesus in this year, 2016! My Lawd, they are awesome and can (not "sing" but) Sang!

Sorry no pictures just yet. Remember, no phone which means no camera but to sum up my new found gospel family members in Poland, I’ll have to use what was described of me. After working with me through my first session in the workshop, one of my translators was asked about her experience with me and she said, “he’s crazy!” LOL and Amen! So to describe this group of people in Gospel Joy and my new favorite choir director, “Baca” I met for the first time and was able to see how they organized and conducted this weekend’s gospel workshop and concert, I would have to say those people are CRAZY!!!!! Crazy in love with Jesus, crazy about doing His will, crazy about spreading the good news gospel, crazy about having a Holy Ghost Party and crazy about being sincere and willing servants for the King! Awesome times Awesome! Now people I met in Poland were asking me what did I think of their country? I told them I hadn't been able to see very much of it but I have been in contact with the people. So if they are the representation of Poland, I love this place with all my heart cause I love all of them! I was Blessed beyond measure and shown unmerited favor and love! I don’t think the city where the workshop/concert was conducted, Namyslowie, will ever be the same. Yes, I believe no one left how they came! Oh and there were a group of kids that wrote notes for me and I know people probably think I'm crazy as well right now cause I'm sitting on this plane reading them just crying like baby!

Along with all of the aforementioned details, “they get it.” They understand the importance of follow up, follow through and nuturing! There is a higher calling to the gospel music and that’s winning souls for Christ! That’s the focus. That's their purpose! Love them with the love of the Lord! Please pray for them. More to follow when I get some pictures.

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