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Light House Niihama Gospel Christian Church

The Holy Ghost praise party continued on from Kure to Niihama. I love this group! They have fun, small in number but big in anointing and the church has a parking lot! A big parking lot! Can't wait to do an outdoors concert in the parking lot!

I did a workshop and then we had a concert a few hours after that. Church members and visitors were there. Looks like they came to join in on the Holy Ghost party because it was nonstop from start to finish. A real diverse in age audience and they had all the kids for which there were many come join in on a couple of the songs! Every special time and moment!

Did I mention about the food? My Lawd! That dish met me as I arrived at the church. I don't know everything that's in it but believe me when I say it was more than wonderful!

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