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Well I guess there is a first time for everything. The day started out great! Good time prayer walking, good breakfast, got all my laundry done and I was ahead of schedule. Everything was pretty much routine for me. Got dressed, packed all of my gear for the workshop and jumped on the train early so I could stop by Starbucks in Ikebukuro before heading on to the workshop in Fukaya.

I looked at the board, saw my train and checked the departure time and everything lined up. But somehow I not only ended up on the wrong train heading in the wrong direction, I rode it out to the end of the line! When I discovered it was wrong I got in contact with Keiko T and she let me know we have a problem! I've never done this before!

Ok, I'm wrong, duly noted but let's try and fix the situation. How can I get back to the right place for the workshop. I still have 45 minutes. She directed me to the attendant and he says, there is a train leaving in10 minutes for my correct station! Oh Happy Day! But I almost fainted when he said it would arrive at 4:20pm. It was 1:40pm and the workshop started at 2pm! Well, believe it or not the people at the workshop said they would wait so I jumped on that triain and I was coming! It's a long train ride but I have my music and some sermons by some long-winded preachers. If you're ever at a church and the preacher starts off with, "I solicit yours prayers this today for a have a long way to go and a short time to get there." Your prayer should be, don't make us have to ask "are we there yet?" But let's keep moving...

It started to seem like no matter what, I wasn't getting to that workshop. As soon as we took off for Fukaya the train stopped in the middle of the tracks and didn't move. After 45 minutes and the train operator saying something over and over that I didn't understand I knew there was a problem. "A complete shout down of the trains in that area due to an accident!" We were sitting in place for at least an hour and a half! That would have made the trip to Fukaya almost 5 hours!

Something was up and I can only trust God and His wisdom that it had to be postponed for a later date in order for something grand and glorious. I'll let you know.

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